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About G3G

We are a skills development training program that not only trains athletes in the fundamentals of basketball, but teaches responsibility, accountability, and teamwork. At G3G Basketball Training we strive to help all athletes improve their skills and mindset, to develop the confidence they need to reach their potential. Our coaches are highly experienced, competed at the collegiate level, and have numerous years of coaching experience.

Meet The Pauls

Both come from intense basketball backgrounds. Although they both share a passion for basketball, they also are New York State educators and are experienced with working with the youth.  They have the eye for how to get from where you are to where you want to go.

​Gabrielle is one of a kind, with her pleasant smile and enthusiasm.  She was a standout player at Copiague High School where she scored over 2000pts, and also helped lead Copiague to a State Championship (2009).  After graduation from Copiague, she went on to dominate at Assumption College to become the 2nd all time leading scorer and receive many other awards that include Freshman of the Year. Gabrielle’s dedication to the sport gave her the golden opportunity to play college basketball while being awarded a full scholarship from Assumption. Gabrielle is well known by the basketball profession for her many accomplishments, she also is a certified Basketball Official.  Gabrielle is now a coach for the girls varsity basketball team at Copiague High School and is giving her knowledge to the upcoming athletes.


Devrinn is extremely unique when it comes to his approach to improvements, he is intentional and pays attention to detail.  Devrinn started his coaching career as a manager for Men’s Basketball at Kentucky State University where his uncle (Thomas Patterson) was the head coach.  As a manager he learned the skills that it takes to become a great assistant coach. After graduation from Kentucky State, he went on to become a part of the coaching staff for the University of Louisville women’s basketball program.  While being part of two national Championship appearances he also graduated with a Master degree in Higher Education from the University of Louisville. He was later hired at Marshall University to become a major part of turning a women’s basketball program around and helping them to reach post-season play for the first time in 25 years.  Devrinn now is a boys coach at Maspeth High School in Queens, NY, where he also teaches Common Core Math. Devrinn is in the process of completing a second Master Degree at Brooklyn College.


Gabrielle and Devrinn have set the date for the wedding for 7/4/2019.   They believe in life you get back whatever you put in. With that being said let’s get to work and as always,

“Trust the Grind”

G3G Athletic Training LLC